William T Delelys

age ~78

from Duluth, GA

Also known as:
  • William Delelys
  • William Deleys
  • William Delel
  • Elely D William
  • William Delglys

William Delelys Phones & Addresses

  • Duluth, GA
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • 11 Armetale Luster, Webster, NY 14580 • 5857874525
  • 792 Hightower Way, Webster, NY 14580
  • 1156 Rousseau Dr, Webster, NY 14580

Us Patents

  • Toner And Developer Providing Offset Lithography Print Quality

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  • US Patent:
    6365316, Apr 2, 2002
  • Filed:
    Mar 7, 2000
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Amy L. Stamp - Rochester NY
    Susan J. Lafica - Fairport NY
    Timothy J. Key - Rochester NY
    Scott M. Silence - Fairport NY
    Michael J. Duggan - Webster NY
    Merrilee A. Galloway - Macedon NY
    William T. Delelys - Webster NY
    Kenneth D. Henderson - Rochester NY
    Gerardo Leute - Penfield NY
  • Assignee:
    Xerox Corporation - Stamford CT
  • International Classification:
    G03G 908
  • US Classification:
    43011141, 4301071, 4301094, 4301104, 43011135, 4301114
  • Abstract:
    A toner for particular use in devices utilizing hybrid scavengeless development includes toner particles of at least one binder, at least one colorant, and optionally one or more additives, the toner exhibiting a charge per particle diameter (Q/D) of from -0. 1 to -1. 0 fC/m with a variation during development of from 0 to 0. 25 fC/m and the distribution is substantially unimodal and possesses a peak width of less than 0. 5 fC/m, and the toner has a triboelectric charge of from -25 to -70 C/g with a variation during development of from 0 to 15 C/g following triboelectric contact with carrier particles. Use of a toner with such properties in a hybrid scavengeless development apparatus enables images to be achieved with properties similar to that achieved in offset lithography.


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