Cao Ang

age ~40

from Campbell, CA

Also known as:
  • Keith Miller
  • Wang Zhu
  • Ang Cao

Cao Ang Phones & Addresses

  • Campbell, CA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Santa Clara, CA
  • Columbia, MD
  • Lanham, MD
  • Los Gatos, CA

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Cao Ang


Cao Ang " Cao Ang " ( c. 177–197 ), Chinese style name " Zixiu ", was the eldest son of Cao Cao, a warlord who rose to power towards the end of the Han Dynasty and laid the foundation of the state of Cao Wei in the Three Kingdoms period
Little was recorded in history about Cao Ang's early life, except that he was nominated as a " xiaolian " ( civil service candidate ) upon reaching the age of adulthood ( around 19 years old ).

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